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Across the Apeiron universe, our current portfolio encompasses more than 100 high-growth tech companies in Europe, North America, and Asia. We have founded three unicorns ourselves, and have been the lead investor in two additional unicorns and two decacorns.

Elevat3 focuses on

lead venture deals in Europe.

Elevat3’s portfolio encompasses high-growth tech companies across Europe. 

Elevat3 manages more than
US$ 250m+ in Assets Under Management.

The UK-based company is developing novel, patent-protected gene medicines for multiple disease areas.

The company’s platform technology is able to deliver gene medicines to any tissue (heart, brain, muscle), solving the major issue that has faced the gene medicine industry to date.

Become part of our mission to shape the Next Human Agenda.

With our investments, we strive to create a world we want to live in. Join us on this journey as an entrepreneur.

AmyriAD Therapeutics BV is a fully integrated Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) biotech company along the entire patient journey, developing the most advanced late-stage symptom-relief drug in the world.

Its lead candidate has demonstrated clinical benefit in positive Phase 1 and 2 trials, achieved PoC and received FDA green light to enter Phase 3 clinical trials, with first patients to begin treatment in Q2 this year.

Formo is a food biotech company on a mission to bring the next generation of sustainable, healthy, and equitable dairy products to consumers.

Formo is Europe's first cellular agriculture company developing cultivated dairy products - that is dairy which is based on real, animal-free milk proteins produced using precision fermentation.

GROPYUS creates sustainable, affordable and smart living for everyone.

The PropTech company digitalises and transforms the housing market and establishes housing as a service-oriented product (“Living as a Service”) in the market. Hence, GROPYUS creates high-quality, resource-saving and affordable living spaces with high standards in design, comfort and functionality.

Neodigital Versicherung AG is a BaFin-licensed digital insurer that provides complete digitalization along the entire value chain, including infrastructure, underwriting, claims and services for its B2B ("Insurance-as-a-Service") customers.

 Its novel technology platform enables the company to deliver products in a much shorter time and to offer policies at a much lower price than any other insurance company.

Bullfinch Asset AG is a climate fintech platform that standardises, finances and operates green energy infrastructure projects.

The company's platform streamlines the acquisition process and pools and standardizes the investment portfolio of green energy infrastructure projects to qualify them for larger funding sources, enabling clients to avail the necessary funding and underwriting as well as diligence renewable energy portfolios efficiently.

OLSAM Group Limited is a new generation e-commerce company acquiring, operating and growing Amazon marketplace.

The company through their structured 6-week process, perform due diligence on the business, structure a fair cash deal and migrate its assets such as website domain, software tools, etc. to its ownership, then it focuses on scaling the brand to new heights with capital investment and supply chain expertise, enabling business owners to exit the business entirely or staying on.

Scale Up Holding GmbH is a new generation e-commerce business that offers its customers a wide range of services to help them build and scale Amazon FBA businesses.

With its wholly owned subsidiaries and brand, Scale Up is the world’s first full-service platform for eCommerce investors, offering exclusive access to the booming eCommerce market with its unique services.

Tiakis Biotech AG develops novel and groundbreaking therapeutic solutions in indications with high unmet medical need.

Its recombinant protein makes use of the human body’s own defense mechanisms to prevent tissue damage and inflammation driven complications. The investigational medicinal product is being developed to be the driver of this paradigm change as a therapeutic solution in disease areas such as prevention of postoperative inflammatory complications, treatment of pulmonary-arterial hypertension and the prevention of serious disease progression of COVID-19.



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