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we use our exceptional network, spanning industry, politics, arts, science and technology to give our portfolio companies access to high-profile leads and advisors, enabling them to grow rapidly and achieve amazing results.    

With more than US$ 250m AUM,

Identify and understand those triggers

Influence or control the triggers, leveraging our experience and extensive global network

Get the best deal in return for delivering the very concrete and defined value-add




Our core belief is that every company, at any given moment in its development, has between one and three “triggers” which - if executed successfully - will immediately bring the company to the next (valuation) level.

Our focus is on companies where we can influence or control these triggers to create value for all stakeholders. 

Across Apeiron, all of our investment teams deploy an extreme value-add and hands-on approach, serving as an entrepreneurial, reliable and long-term partner to our portfolio companies.



An extraordinary network and skillset go hand in hand with an excellent track record






Thinking cross-sector and out-of-the-box

Cross-sector and out-of-the-box thinking is a key success factor for Elevat3’s funds and portfolio companies. Building bridges between business, politics, arts, science and technology helps Elevat3 portfolio companies to grow fast and thrive.

Exceptional structuring skills

With experience in private and public transactions, Elevat3 has developed exceptional structuring skills which improve the risk-return profile and give more flexibility towards potential targets, improving both transaction speed and the likelihood of success.

Helping portfolio companies to go public

Through extensive experience across public markets and IPOs in both the U.S. and Europe, Elevat3 is able to support portfolio companies in going public and accessing a deep liquid pool of global investors. Christian has been involved in a range of high-profile IPOs in North America and Europe.

Sharing connections and best-practices within the group

Elevat3’s close ties to Apeiron Investment Group’s co-investment fund Presight Capital, who manages two funds with €500m in AUM, facilitates maintaining and intensifying connections with Silicon Valley investors and monitoring emerging trends in technology and beyond.

Bringing companies “across the pond” for further financing

Elevat3’s network allows portfolio companies to be introduced to Tier 1 investors from the U.S. and help them reach the next (valuation) level due to the arbitrage between comparable U.S. and European growth companies, creating win-win situations for partners in the U.S. and portfolio companies. 

Proud gatekeepers to an extensive global network

For more than 20 years, Elevat3 has built a wide-spanning network across different industries and countries. This highly valuable network supplies high-profile leads to elevate portfolio companies in various areas including potential clients, key employees, co-investors, investment banks, regulators and others.


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